TD Ameritrade , Please keep Command Center 2.0 and Streamer Suite !

[updated on 18 September 2013]
Out of the three online trading accounts I have had, TDAmeritrade is by far the best. TDAmeritade had the best trading platform as well as the best stock screeners. I used the website just about everyday that I was trading for my quotes, news, earnings reports and ratings. The TDAmeritrade site is easy to navigate and has a professional look to it. The execution of trades is the best in the industry and I always get the right price at the right time. When you are a trade you depend on the best and TDAmeritrade provides the best to its clients and offers all the right tools to make you into a successful trader or investor. One of the best trading platforms which I have ever used is TD Ameritrade’s Command Center 2.0 which has taken the place of Streamer Suite. Now it is said that Trade Architect and ThinkorSwim will 
supersede Command Center 2.0 ; After going through several brokers and their different softwares I’ve found Command Center 2.0 (and Streamer Suite) to be the only best one.

I have worked on’s Streamer called X-Stream

and with  Streamer called Xtend

Volatility View ScreenshotStreaming Quotes ScreenshotStreaming Quotes Screenshot

But the best one is Command Center 2.0, which is a real-time streaming workspace that offers tools for basic account management and trading. The command center screen brings all of your important information together in one place. Furthermore, you can browse the web and do other tasks while monitoring your stocks. The service is easy to browse with well–labeled tabs across the top of each page and help is always just a click away. In Command Center 2.0 you can view all your Stocks listed in one screen (watchlist), and you have detached screens for level II, last sale, index,  order manager, option chain etc. This watch-list streamer which can list more than 20 equities or stocks with reasonable font size is not available in TD Ameritrade’s Trade Architect or ThinkorSwim platforms which are distracting and just flat complicated and even with my 21 inch monitors too small to see. The new programs (Trade Architech or ThinkorSwim) require me to sit there with a magnify glass as well and reading glasses to see. Readers who are fans of Command Center 2.0 or Streamer Suite, please send an email to them or contact them here ; I am in a process of setting up a petition for this cause. 




TD Ameritrade , Please keep Command Center 2.0 and Streamer Suite ! TD Ameritrade Trade Architect Missing Features compared to Streamer or Command Center 2.0

I have been receiving numerous emails complaining about the missing features in TD Ameritrade’s Trade Architect which is suppose to be the replacement of Command Center 2.0 ; First of all let us start with the emails that I have received when I complained to TD Ameritrade about taking down Command Center 2.0

xxxxx [ name removed]
The platforms thinkorswim and Trade Architect are our new platforms, and they have replaced Command Center and Streamer, which are no longer available. The technology used to support Command Center and Streamer is no longer available, making the ability to support them impossible. Unfortunately, with the constantly changing technical age, these changes are required from time-to-time.
We know that adjusting and becoming familiar with a new platform comes with its frustrations and challenges. In efforts to help minimize those, we have assembled a team of experts on both these platforms. Almost all features available in Command Center are also available in these tools, but they may not be called the same thing. If you are interested, and want to help becoming familiar with them or just learning the tools and features that they have to offer, please call us at 800-669-3900 and we can arrange for someone to call you. We cannot accept those requests through an unsecured e-mail though, such as this one.
xxxxxxxxx [name removed]
Client Services, TD Ameritrade
Division of TD Ameritrade, Inc.
——————————————-ANOTHER EMAIL——————————————————-
Good day.  The Command Center 2.0 and Streamer Suite platforms are being drawn down and will no longer be supported.  While we understand your frustration, we have worked to bring the functionality of those platforms onto our newer offerings.  You may be interested to know that we have associates available that specialize in the newer thinkorswim and Trade Architect platforms.  We can have one of these associates reach out to you directly to go over their features.  This is a complimentary service we are offering to all clients.  Simply let us know if you are interested.  Thank you for choosing TD Ameritrade.
xxxxxxxxx [name removed]
Client Services, TD Ameritrade
Division of TD Ameritrade, Inc.
Original Message Excluded:
——————————————-FROM MESSAGE CENTER—————————————————
Mr. xxxxx, Thank you for contacting us. We are in the process of removing Command Center 2.0 from our programs as we no longer support or provide updates for it. This can cause problems with it if updates are made to other programs on your computer. As you noted, we have a new customizable program used for real-time trading called Trade Architect. There have been a number of updates and changes to Trade Architect if you have not used it recently. Would you like me to have one of our specialists reach out to you to help you get this program running and functioning in the same way you use Command Center 2.0? xxxxx [name removed] Apex Client Services, TD Ameritrade Division of TD Ameritrade, Inc.
——————————————-FROM MESSAGE CENTER—————————————————
Dear xxxxx, Thank you for your e-mail. I’m glad to hear that you have a good experience with the Command Center. I can also understand your concern regarding changing platforms. Command Center is becoming increasing incompatible with newer software and operating systems. Our Trade Architect developers are working to make sure that it will do everything Command can do. It is just a matter of getting used to how it works. If you need help with the transition I can have someone give you a call to help you. Just respond with a phone number and a time that you will be available. Regards, xxxxx [name removed] Apex Client Services, TD Ameritrade Division of TD Ameritrade, Inc.

The response and customer service and support at TD Ameritrade is excellent. However, I like to bring to their attention the missing features in Trade Architect which were available at Command Center 2.0 and these are essential features which are required by every stock or options trader.

TD Ameritrade Command Center vs Trade Architect
TD Ameritrade Command Center vs Trade Architect

1) News Feeder
News Feeder is missing from Trade Architect , which was present at Command Center 2.0 ! News Feeder which is very important for any trader to keep track of the latest news which will move the markets, where as there is nothing like that in Trade Architect. The News Feeder keeps posting the latest news around the world and if you click on it, a page opens up with the details of the news.

News feeder missing in TD Ameritrade Architect
News feeder missing in TD Ameritrade Architect

Market Reaction to FOMC News on 18 Sept 2014 when DJIA and S&P hit all time high


2) Level II quotes
Inside box and number of sharesbox is missing from Trade Architect. Also, there the bar is missing which indicates number of shares.

Trade Architect Level has features missing

TD Ameritrade Trade Architect Level II missing inside box
TD Ameritrade Trade Architect Level II missing inside box

3) Pattern Matcher and Trade Trend
There is no Pattern Matcher in Trade Architect although it is not essential tool, but would be good to have it. Trade Trend is an important tool especially in the earnings season where you want to monitor the news, trade trend, last sale and level II for a earnings miss, meet or beat. Below is an example of reaction to Oracle earnings during After Hours trading.


4) Detachable Windows
In Command Center 2.0 you can detach the window and keep it one above the other, as the traders would like to keep an eye on all the possible data :

All the data in one place

All the data in one place

As you have seen, all the detached windows could be placed next to the Watch-List
1) Trade Ticket
2) Level II quotes
3) Last sale
4) News Feeder
5) Index

Such an option is not available in Trade Architect. Not only that but
1) You cannot resize the windows or boxes within the Trade Architect like how you can do with the Command center 2.0
2) You cannot remove any box or Window or resize it according to your own needs
3) Data is not accurate like Command Center 2.0
4) Pretty slow as Flash/HTML and keeps loading up and not as fast as when I click on any tabs compared to Command Center 2.0
5) Multiple Level II windows cannot be opened and there is no such option. What if I like to monitor Level II for 5 Stocks, how can I do that in Trade Architect while this was possible at Command Center 2.0

Trade Architect needs major work

Trade Architect needs major work

Explanation for the above marked Numbers
1) I don’t like to have the Window 1 and Window 2 , why can’t I remove it ?
2) How about if, I would like to re-size Window 1 and Window 2 , why can’t I do that ?
3) Resizing is very limited, if I like to minimize it, it is not possible
4) Volume Data is inaccurate, CAT volume was 1,035,850 which was truncated to 1M , why is that ? For low volume stocks like ULTA, ISRG , how can I keep track of unusual buys/sells if it is truncated as such ?
5) what if I like to keep the Order Entry open along with watch list and Level II quotes for the stock I would like to buy ? 

These are just few points and I would like to see TD Ameritrade take this into consideration and develop the missing features which were available in Command Center 2.0 ; and lastly, with so many complains regarding taking down Command Center 2.0 / Streamer Suite , I have solution for them:

Solution for TD Ameritrade : 

Leave the Command Center 2.0 as it is until Trade Architect gets all the functionality of Command Center 2.0 and layout becomes similar to Command Center 2.0 or Streamer Suite. This will solve all the issues. All those old accounts with TD Ameritrade,5 years or more, who are used to Command Center 2.0 should be able to use it until Trade Architect or ThinkorSwim gets all the tools and features of Command Center 2.0

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38 thoughts on “TD Ameritrade , Please keep Command Center 2.0 and Streamer Suite !

  1. You are right on. Sadly the elimination of Command Center and Streamer has cost TD Ameritrade tens of millions of dollars in commission revenue. How could they be so shortsighted?

  2. My remove Command Center when it worked so well for so many. If you are providing or updating technology make sure the old features users liked are offered.

    • I completely agree. I loved trade trend chart. Why? It showed market manipulation and sudden change like nothing else. Put up the right symbols and trading became a no brainer when someone wanted to take control of the market, just climb on board FAST. Ticks don’t do that, not even close. Ticks, stupid stuff. With streamer you could design your own map of the market. It is an absolute mystery to me why they took it out. I HATE Trade Architect, am planning on moving brokers after being with Ameritrade since back when they were Datek. I think Ameritrade now does a terrible job.

  3. I absolutely agree. The trade trend real time charts with my design of watch stocks was like nothing else I have ever used. I have no idea why they dropped it. And I agree with your comments about Ameritrade, but now the site is just becoming a mess. I rally am starting to hate it. And I have been with them for more than a decade. I would move to ANYONE who duplicates trade trend. If someone raises funds, I am IN!

    Ameritrade, in the words of Jude Judy, stupid, stupid, stupid! Give me back my streamer suite. I am out shopping for a new broker.

  4. I have contacted them several times about the new systems and there shortcomings. They seem committed to keeping the flawed platforms and will not admit the mistake. When using the new TA, the system continues to have long buffering times, and always crashes the entire web page while navigating between links.

    The prior system was so superior for active traders. It amazes me they will not bring it back. I am the trader using the platform, and I am saying the new stuff is junk.

  5. Many thanks to all of you for posting your comments. I used Streamer Suite every day since 2005, and now it, and Command Center, are gone. I have just switched to another online firm, but am still looking for anything that is the most similar to Streamer Suite, Level II’s, and Last Sales. If anyone finds those 3 things that are easy to access from one of the other firms, please let me know. Thanks!

  6. Someone posted that only the old guys used Command CEnter. OK, i have been trading for 50 years, full time the last 20. And, yes, I used Command center exclusively for many many years, in fact, in one of it’s first versions since the Datek days. It was simple, complemented my other programs and accurate. It gave me the pre and after market data that I needed, and worked! I am a full time trader, and executed 4,000 trades last 12 months with Ameritrade. I worked with the development team for over a year to get some of the essential parts of Command center carried over. And, then with managers in product development, Apex Private Client Group, Client relations, and finally the President’s office. Even though all of them knew the basic tools that I need to trade, especially pre and after market, they failed to provide them in Think or Swim or the other platform. Ultimately, the presidents office acknowledged that maybe we are not a fit anymore. With only a short time left, I did a comprehensive review of five trading platforms, and have settled on StreetSmartEdge from Charles Schwab. Their active trader program was happy to have me. Trades are $4.95, and the executions are better than AMTD imho. I am getting tenths of a cent better fills several times a day than I used to get with AMTD. As I am using SSE, there are several features better than Command Center, and I would not now go back.

  7. In short, the answer is that affluent traders will leave TDameritrade and go to a different broker that offers better tools like Command Center or the former Streamer. Clearly, the person in charge of rolling out Trade Architect is/was NOT a trader! Also, seasoned traders trade more and therefore pay more commissions, etc. which in the bigger picture will lead to less revenue for TDA (it’s short sighted for TDA to think they’re going to make up the $$ through spreads). And, anyone from TDameritrade that says (like above) that Trade Architect can do everything that Command Center could do and that it is just a matter of learning the new platform is IGNORANT or stupid (the platforms are VERY different). The list of problems goes on and on, like that real-time, flash data is NOT as reliable as Java. I agree that they should leave up the Streamer & Command Center until Trade Architect is able to do everything the former did otherwise the traders that consistently pay the majority commissions will leave.

    • Ameritrade told me that in my personal trading, I paid them $16,000 in commissions in the past 12 months. Even with all of those trades in Command Center, and with many communications from me that the other two platforms did not meet my needs which would force me elsewhere, they still cancelled Command Center. They knew. They choose. They lost. Sorry.

  8. Mike, thank you so much for starting this petition/blog. I really hope it works. Anyway, I found a temporary way to open up streamer suite. Please go to this link:
    It’s on the yahoo amtd message board. Unfortunately, a client representative detected my usage and informed me that the link will be removed over the weekend, via voicemail. He was so gracious to offer assistance with the new platform, however. That won’t be necessary. Good luck.

      • Hi Sam,
        Here is a cut and paste of my message: “Hey guys, I stumbled across a way to bring up Streamer Suite. Go back about a week into your internet history and click on Ameritrade. Then, click on the streamer link, give it a few moments, and it comes up. I had tried it a few days ago, but exited too soon. But, a few moments ago, a guy from Ameritrade called saying they detected I was still using streamer/control center through a link and it will be removed this weekend. I only wish I could have used it the last few days with the fed meeting, because TA has been utterly miserable. It is currently up and running on my computer and is beautiful, I will not be logging out overnight. Hope this helps, though unfortunately, it may only be good for tomorrow. At least that gives me the weekend to mess around with other brokerages. GLTA”
        Anyway, make sure you are logged into your account first before clicking on the streamer link in your history. However, they claim I will no longer be able to do that after this weekend, but who knows for sure. After suffering with TA, these last two days have been a sight for sore eyes. Good luck.

      • IS it STILL working on MONDAYS Trade ??
        The Streamer suite has NOT shut Down on my TD Ameritrade Tools
        The 1-10 day CHART is SO EASY to decipher on ANY stock !!!
        Any ideas on WHERE to GO ??

  9. Please contact Nicole Sherrod head of product development and business growth initiatives at TD Ameritrade

    Nicole, head of product development and business growth initiatives in the active trader segment, joined TD Ameritrade in 2008. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Delaware. Her securities licenses include the 3, 7, 9, 10, 24, and 63.

  10. Please send your complains and suggestions to Mr Steven Quirk Senior Vice President, Trader Group TD Ameritrade who is responsible for Command Center 2.0 and Streamer Suite, best way to contact him via email or phone or fax or through message center.

    Keep sending them emails and they should either add the missing features in Trade Architect or atleast keep Command Center and Streamer Suite till they improve Trade Architect.

    After they will realize mass exodus and negative press coverage probably they will act then.

  11. Streamer Suite, far and away the best there is/was. I am a professional trader and still have this up next to the $800/month + system I have to use at my firm… I get better reads than I do with the “pro” system. Id be willing to pay just about anything to get it back. It’s made me so much money, it would be worth the cost.

  12. Hey Folks,

    I have send 5 emails to TD Ameritrade requesting them to reconsider their decision, they said Architect does everything like command center but this is not true.

    Why doesn’t TD Ameritrade team does one small favor , try to create a layout on Architect similar to Command Center 2.0 as mentioned in this post then only we will agree that indeed Architect does the same like Command Center otherwise negative publicity could damage TDAMERITRADE and it’s stock AMTD

  13. Big mistake dropping command center 2.0… Easy to use.. Streamed watch lists in the pre and after markets.. VERY useful. At least make it a choice and dont get rid of it entirely

  14. They don’t even know why they took it away! Try asking 3 different T or S trainers that question and you will get 3 completely different responses!

    • so what is the BEST replacement please
      The INTRADAY charts helped me alot
      It had 1 day 2 day all the way to 10 days !!
      makes my options decision easier…..

    • Managment Joe Moglia and Fred J. Tomcyk fails their customers
      When they let QuoteTRACKER become obsolete they lost the edge they had on anyone.

      Wow you really did not want your investors to be equipped with the proper tools.

      What is the advantage of having TD Ameritrade, I don’t see any advantage.

      Please warn others to avoid TD Ameritrade. Management has abandoned their customers as well as their customers best interest to promote more trades to make more profit for themselves. I wonder when someone is going to blow the whistle on the White Paper Report?

  15. Just read this

    Re: TDAmeritrade taking Command Center 2.0 away Sept. 12. Anyone have suggestions on what company to move to? EOM

    Heh. I just posted this on another IV board. Shouldn’t laugh, I am NOT HAPPY about this!!!

    Dunno if I had a discussion a while back on this board about TDA’s various realtime apps or not, but in the thread other folks agreed that most of them were indecipherable or difficult to use compared to the simple Streamer interface, especially that retarded “Heat Map” thingamajig – just got this email, and TDA is yanking their simplest app off the net:

    We want to thank you for being a dedicated Streamer Suite™ user—we appreciate your business and your loyalty.

    However, as of September 12, the platform will no longer be available. But to make sure you can still easily monitor the markets and spot potential opportunities, we’ve integrated many of your favorite features from Streamer Suite into Trade Architect.


    Everyone please send emails to TD Ameritrade right away and ask them to keep it.

  16. so WHAT is the best replacement to go with??
    Is it Fidelity
    FIRST-TRADE X=Stream seems similar – How is commissions on Options?
    I need an INTRADAY Chart of Hi-beta stocks & big sized Watchlist w/High ,Lows ,etc.
    WHAT to do ??

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